In the beginning

Jonny Ruzany represents my desire to bring my music to you. I have played drums for the past 4 years with Fort Knox Five & Nappy Riddem and created elecronic music since 1997 when i got my first keyboard with a sequencer. Since my days performing live with a laptop and drumset in Motion For Alliance in Boulder, CO, i have stuck to strictly drumming in live performance, but I have been honing my craft in the basement and composing using a mix of my own drumming, samples and synths to create what you have here. Please enjoy and spread the word.

I am working on finishing up my first Jonny Ruzany album and collaborating with Nappy Riddem and Hero Twins and hope to release some new music on a larger scale this year. Please come check me out at one of my live shows in the DC area and beyond, support my brethren and let me know what you think of the music I am posting here.

Thanks for or valuable time and support.

- Jon Modell

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